Monday, March 14, 2016

COVERMARK Mineral Wash

Hello everyone,

Covermark has plenty of neat items, they may not be as famous as other Japanese brands in Indonesia but it doesn't mean that they are not good, some of their products even went beyond others in the market when reviewed by many sites.

I have become one of COVERMARK fans since 2010 when I lived in Singapore and using their makeup base. It was light, wonderful coverage and very comfortable.


This is a face-wash that improves the skin, working like a clay mask. It keeps skin smooth and moist, helping makeup sit well, as well as aiding the penetration of lotion.

  1. Works like a clay mask in a beauty salon.
  2. Keeps skin smooth and moist, helping makeup sit well, as well as aiding the penetration of lotion.
  3. Absorbs waste dirt from pores without damaging skin.
  4. Creates a protective film after washing.
  5. Washes with foam, which is fiction free.
  6. Has less harmful ingredients than regular facial washes, such as foaming agents, preventing damage to skin.
  7. Contains no additives, and is colorless and odour-free."

Take a small amount (around 1cm) onto your palm and work into a lather while adding warm water.   Cover your entire face with the foam, then rub down gently, being careful not to touch skin directly with palms.

The texture of the product is typical like other foaming facial, it is thick and creamy and white too. Adding water little by little while keep foaming it up using a foam net for a couple of minute until the foam becomes that perfect whipped foam that wont fall over when you put your palm upside down.

Use the foam to clean the skin and like mentioned on their details, don't let the palm touches the skin, only the foam. Gently feel the foam cleans every part and like going into your pores. Let the tiny particles cleans really well in between.

Rinse everything off after a while and feel the skin being cleanse but surprisingly without the drying effect.

Skincare penetrate better and makeup last longer too.

Take note that the Mineral Wash doesn't cleans makeup, it was made as a second cleanser after the makeup is removed or as a single cleanser during morning time.

Thank you Covermark Indonesia for the lovely product.


Try one yourself and feel the clay, barrier and skincare effects.

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