Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Lancome Advanced Genifique Sensitive Serum

Hello lovelies,

especially you (and me) who owns sensitive skin. We've been looking for ways to help tackle the sensitivity since it can make our life miserable. Imagine waking up in the morning and feels the skin getting pulled, taut, and perhaps itchy too. The dryness, the uncomfortable feeling where the skin have that redness. Many would just say, cover it with a green colored base, well, it's not just about the appearance that's bothering us (people with sensitive skin) but the whole experience itself.

It may or may not happen all the time or most of the time, but it happens. A lot of people that I talked to claims that either they've experience these conditions or still suffering from it, it can be a bad skin days or daily condition, either way, Lancome is here and they have a serum made for those days or conditions.


What it is:
A dual antioxidant serum boosted with pure Ferulic Acid and pure Vitamin E that is self-activated, mixing automatically inside a soothing base of Centella Asiatica to instantly calm distressed skin and protect against environmental aggressors like pollution, infrared radiation, and UVA rays for visibly healthy-looking skin.

What it does:
Oftentimes, environmental factors such as weather, travel, change of seasons, stress, and pollution can cause fragility on skin’s surface. This fresh serum instantly soothes skin sensitivities, such as tightness, overall discomfort, and itchiness and redness due to dryness, and provides antioxidant protection against future environmentally-triggered skin discomforts. Over time, this serum featuring a synergistic antioxidant combination of pure Ferulic Acid and pure Vitamin E, helps strengthen skin against free radicals induced by UVA rays, infrared radiation, and pollution, which may lead to visible signs of accelerated skin aging, improving the look of skin for a healthier-looking complexion.

93% agreed skin was comforted instantly
- Clinically tested to provide a significant protective effect against pollution fine particles
- Clinically tested to provide +80% increase in skin’s anti-pollution protection
Based on clinical and self-assessments.


Reading the details from the official website is amazing, right?! The product seems to be having a lot of good things going on and I'm so eager to try. My skin is eager to try, it's been looking and looking and looking. I've been using many products for sensitive skin, usually they are stripped off the fragrance, unnecessary chemicals that caused sensitivity, adding hydration or moisture, and so on, typical, but Lancome Advance Genifique Sensitive Serum address the problem and help by bringing comforts and protection, in the end, it strengthen the skin against free radicals to then made the skin healthier and for sure looking beautiful. Since after all, a beautiful skin, must be healthy.


Look at the packaging, details, information regarding the product, look at how the product freshly mixed, by us, when they are in our hands and how we should maintain it's freshness within 2 months.


Aside from the pamphlet inside the box, the whole box itself is filled with necessary information. So when you happen to see the product either at Lancome's counter or beauty store, simply read it and you'll get the whole idea.


A product that deliver testimonies of reducing sensitivity and anti aging in one. It's a product for perhaps anyone who lives in a busy city, with a packed lifestyle and what can I say, it's not easy to keep maintaining healthy diet, enough sleep, away from radiations like laptops, smartphone, and so on, and it's hard to keep everything intact. People who perhaps able to do that nowadays maybe someone who are very well blessed.


This is the product, there's the bottle where the ingredients are not mixed together yet. Please do watch this video on how it was mixed, the blue colored potion and my review.


What do you think? They look awesome, the formula being freshly mixed like that, the liquid gel texture, the ability to be taken by the skin almost instantly, it's all there. I've continue using it since I made that video, which is a week after usage, and now, around a month, I'm still using the serum as a pre serum or serum.

Pre serum by using another serum that promotes hydration for the skin before moisturizer, or as a serum by directly using the moisturizer afterwards, it doesn't really matter, the product still works like wonder. It complete my skincare routine as it helps my skin in so many ways. Dryness is the first one, and then it does reduce sensitivity, and my skin does look healthier. Since the skin is comfortable, I also feel more confident in my own skin.


The overall complexion looks better, smoother and the skin appear softer too, like it was more relaxed. No more feeling itchy, tightness nor other discomfort caused by sensitivity. During traveling the skin also seems to be more resilience.

Since I've been using it for around a month, I think looking at the remaining liquid in the bottle, it is just enough for 2 months, so I got one more month, hooray!


Thank you so much Lancome Indonesia for the wonderful journey with Advanced Genifique Sensitive Serum.

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  1. Aku penasaran deh sama percampuran serum ini, kayak seru gitu pas ngecampurnya. Nanti mau cobain ini juga dah. Hehe