Thursday, January 11, 2018

Tony Moly Magic Food Strawberry Mushroom Sugar Scrub

Hello lovelies,

cruising is definitely fun, but as fun as it is, nothing can take my mind of beauty products. So, as I was walking along the shopping arcade, I see one store that really brings the smile to my face, cosmetics store, and they have all of these famous brands with much cheaper price. Since there's no tax in the open water, I'm enjoying them so much. These are Tony Moly's Magic Food Mushrooms.


I bought all three of them and apparently, they are made for each other and I'll make blog posts in the order of usage, start from the strawberry sugar scrub, and indeed they do taste sweet (oops, kinda accidentally lick it a bit).


These are some details from the website about the product. It is using strawberry seeds and sugar and it does come in this jam-like texture, like I'm actually using a jam. They are like a gooey gel slime with the fabulous scent of strawberry. It is delish!


If you're a fan of hard core scrub, do it on a dry skin, and if you prefer something more gentle, simply wet the skin up and then use the scrub on a moist skin.


The details are provided on the clear box, so do read them up before tossing it away. As these mushrooms doesn't really say anything aside from the box.

They look super cute right?! My daughter thinks that they are hers, "it's a toy!", she said.


If you see, the product does appear like jam, a gooey jam. Smells so much like strawberry jam, and as mentioned above, sweet too. But it is still not food, so don't eat it.


The scrub has a warm to a bit hot sensation on my skin, I don't know why, it's just feels so warm whenever I'm using it all over my face, like it was so concentrated.


I'm making a video to show you the texture and feeling when using it, do stand by on my instagram account @Carnellin, as 1 minute of these three mushrooms will be shown.


After the scrub, the skin feels softer and cleaner too. I seldom do scrub as I don't really like the after effect like irritating the skin but this one doesn't seems to be harsh. My skin doesn't look irritated and I feel happy whenever I'm using it.  Rinse the skin well after finish scrubbing, no need using too much force or massaging the skin for too long, 3-5 minutes is enough. The gentle scrub particle is just right, not too big and definitely not too small.  The sticky slimy gel sensation is fun and weird at the same time with a very refreshing strawberry scent hard to missed.

Tips: Don't forget to remove all makeup and clean the skin well before using the scrub so they can works better in deep cleansing the skin.

Don't forget to look for my next review regarding the choco and golden mushroom.

Thank you.

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