Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Cheveux Apricot Ice Tea Shampoo and Mojito Scented Hair Mask

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months ago, I went into this bazaar at one of the mall in West Jakarta. As usual, there's local brands that we can only see in Instagram. Their name is unique and the products seems fresh. Cheveux means hair in French.


Shampoo&Conditioner : Cheveux shampoo & conditioner 100% natural 100% bahan alami tanpa kimia.. 100% sulfate and parabens FREE Sulfate : detergent shampoo yg membuat akar rambut rusak Parabens : pengawet kosmetik pada shampoo umum penyebab gejala kangker..

Raspberry = untuk rambut lepek dan rontok pada kulit kepala berminyak. . Mojito = untuk kulit kepala yang sensitif, mengalami kerontokan berkelanjutan dan berketombe. . Apricot Ice tea = untuk rambut berwarna ( mempertahankan coloring ) , dan mengalami banyak proses kimia ( kriting bonding ). . Watermelon = untuk rambut yang super kering dan sangat kaku.


Aside from the cool details of the products, they also come sin this lovely new scents like Apricot Ice Tea and Mojito that I bought. Still, the fact that they don't contain paraben nor sulphate, they still have silicone.


So, I kinda focusing my review for this post on the mask. I know that the mask is said can be used for the scalp but since it has silicone, I avoided using them in the scalp as silicone in the long run blocked the roots of the hair. Same goes with the shampoo, I use it on my hair and use another shampoo for the scalp.


The details on the packaging is cute, the words somehow lures me to have them everyday. And the smell, oh they really good. The Apricot Ice Tea is fresh, fruity and and tea like, so it's pretty much like an apricot ice tea, kinda sweet and fruity at the same time, I love it.

The texture of the shampoo is a creamy gel, feels soft and lathers quite well, not abundantly like detergent or a very foamy shampoo but quite nice. The clean feeling is not really felt too, perhaps due to the silicone, so it is more to the slippery side than squeaky clean. I wish the milky orange shampoo could perform better in cleaning the hair. Usually, I need to use it twice to get near the clean feeling I desire.

The scent however, smells so good and I wish it last longer too, they last around a couple of hours, not bad thou' and if I want, I can simply purchase their hair perfume to make the scent last longer.


Here are the details from the back side of the packaging of the shampoo and mask.


And here's the texture of the creamy, juicy, citrus-y mask.

The color is milky yellow and the richness can be felt the minute I looked at it. Even thou' it's rich, it's light at the same time, doesn't add weight on the hair.

Like said above, since I'm using it for the hair only, I wont review the feeling on the scalp.


The mask, again, is emphasizing on the scent rather than function on the hair. The effect is similar to using a conditioner. Made the hair softer and easier to comb with an airy feeling. Mojito itself is a drink well known for being maxed up with citrus, mint and so deliciously fresh, hence, using the same concept, the scent is like that too, I find it harder to resist.


The effect on a severely dry and damaged hair is not really significant, but in boosting my mood, they are so good. Imagine going back after a long day at work, feeling the urge to cleanse and find this in the shower room, it lifted me up.


A good start for a good hair product, I hope they remove silicone and add more variants to their hair care collection.

Price around 85k to 150k.

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