Wednesday, January 31, 2018

OLIVE YOUNG Butter Moisturizing Hydro Jelly Mask

Hello lovelies,

who loves pampering? Oh  I do, I really do! Like spending a relaxing time in a spa for the whole day, but in reality, who have the time and privilege to do it all the time?! We need to work and get our ass off every day to get things done. So, a little thing called face mask have been sold all over the world to cater our skin's need in the simplest and fastest way possible.

We can do it at home, inside our work cubicle, or even during a flight.


South Korea perhaps has become one of the country with the most number of masks being produce and sold every day. Like they have this bundle packs and it was really a lot. On almost every beauty store, brands, to cosmetic counters are selling masks. One of the most famous beauty store there is Olive Young. And this is one of their mask collaborating with DreamWorks.

Oh yes, a lot of their products are engaging customer by joining partners with cute objects such as LINE, Sanrio, to many other cartoon character and famous celebrities.

This is gingy by the way, a talkative ginger bread from Shrek.


I love hydro jelly mask since the texture is so irresistible even thou the 'butter' word kinda worries me, seems like it's just a referral for hydrating.

Most of the details is in Korean and I gave up searching online since I can't seem to find details in language I do understand. So this post will be solely on experience.


The packaging is thick and soft, suffice and made it seems like a good quality mask. Opening the packaging is easy since there's this zigzag pattern on each end.

Inside there's two pieces of mask, one for the upper half of the face and the other is the lower part. The color is like caramel and the smell is buttery.

The jelly mask is unique with soft and stripy surface. The cost of each mask is around 3-5$.

Each mask is protected with a clear and white plastic, open one put the mask on the skin before opening the other plastic, it helps during application so the mask stays put.


I actually forgot to take picture during mask time and made video on my instagram account @Carnellin, here's (above) after remember to put them back on for picture sake, hence apologize for the mess, it was actually a lot more neat where the masks are like film being securely covering the skin.

The mask is not really as 'wet' as most face mask, so it can dried up within 15-20 minutes. The skin feels moist afterwards and using a moisturizer afterwards helps seals the hydration inside longer.

Aside from the texture of the jelly that I like, I think the function itself is rather so so, I meant yes, there's a moisturizing effect but not really in an abundance way where the skin feels like so juicily moist.

I guess this is more like an everyday mask than an intense weekly basis pamper.


Still, it worth trying, suitable for normal skin for sure.