Saturday, February 3, 2018

Lakme Absolute Gloss Stylist

Hello lovelies,

people says that this is the era for glossy lips once again. Remember how the matte trend swept over the beauty world over the last few years, now, it's back to glossy with that irresistible vinyl like leathery look which speak sexy and sensuality.

Lakme Absolute Gloss Stylist is here, all in 6 shade from Plum Pout, Coral Blush, Berry Rose, Berry Cherry, Red Touch and Wine Shine, and yes, this is the full swatch and pictorial for the collection.


  • Lip gloss yang ringan dan mudah diaplikasikan dengan aplikator yang tersedia.
  • Tekstur halus yang membuat bibir tampak sehat dan cantik
  • Tahan lama
  • Memberi efek high shine dan high coverage

Hmm how come there's only 5 in my images above? I put Berry Cherry inside my purse, has been crazy about that color, worries not, the full swatch is below.

Plum Pout has that deep berry shade, coral is irresistible for daily to special event, berry rose is a merit between red and pink, red touch is pure red with a hint of orange, wine shine is gorgeous wine that I've been looking for, and berry cherry, oh she owns the world.


The texture is like lip gloss alright and a bit sticky with more to the slippery. The shine is surely there and the more I'm using it the more addicted I am to the glossy gloss, it's like glass with lava of color inside.

The differences on some shade is a tad but surprisingly, it is significantly different when different skin tone are using the same shade, so you'll never know the power of undertone until you witness one.


On the image above I'm using Wine Shine. It's kinda like taffy or magenta. Somehow the color feels independent, still feminine and demure but lovingly show freedom of expression.


This is Plum Pout. The deepest shade of them all.

Most lip gloss in the market are sheer to rather sheer, Lakme Absolut Gloss Stylist deliver good coverage with fine pigment that gives result My chappy dry lips appear to be so smooth and the liquid feels good too, so really, it's more to the slippery than sticky.

They may not be waterproof nor wipe proof but the color last as long as they are untouchable.


I'm using Berry Cherry on the image above.

There's a scent, a fragrant berry like scent on every product, but it's a subtle one, hence I don't feel like using perfume on my lips.

Plum Pout and Berry Cherry probably two of the strongest shades, they are deep and the other is bright. The rest of the shades are what I called to be fun shades. They speaks young and dynamic.


Coral Blush is probably one of the most prettiest shade without looking too girly. Coral has been a shade that getting a lot of attention lately. It's sophisticated, feminine, but still is a color that you'll see on girls who are independent, trend setter and real.


This is Red Touch which somehow on me looks a bit more to the orange, this is a shade without pink as well. The color appear fresh and it gives the skin a brighter tone.

In the end, it's all about your favorite and perhaps outfit too. Look at some of the image below for a different feel from outdoor light and background.


Above is Berry Rose and below is Berry Cherry. And do I need to mention the glow on the outdoor light?! It's amazing, my lips appear so glossily smooth, like a leather, vinyl, or perhaps liquid vinyl, irresistible!


The liquid doesn't bleed, it stays in it's place, easy to apply, can be used sheer, gradation like or full. It is so pretty since the mood it brings on every shade is different thanks to the undertone. The shape of the container also unique, with the rectangle like and glass feel so we can see the liquid inside. Pricing wise it's in the budget friendly for around 100-150k for a color and gloss in one.

Warning!! The name of the shades clearly visible on the box, not in the product, so do be careful and check the lid as there's this words in black that shows the shade, it is rather faint but it's there.

Thank you so much Lakme Indonesia.

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