Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Lanore Supreme Glow For Natural Look

Hello lovelies,

look what do I have now, it's a makeup base collection from Lanore.
Lanore Supreme Glow For Natural Look consist of :

1.       Lanore Whitening & anti aging CC Cream spf 40+ / PA++
2.       Lanore Brightening Powder Foundation SPF 10+ / PA ++
3.       Lanore Brightening Loose Powder


The 3 products are comfortably snugged inside their white boxes, the details and description are written on the packaging.

If you wish to know more about Lanore, do visit them on instagram @Lanore.ID

And how do I know about them? Thanks to Clozette Indonesia. A port for beauty and lifestyle where bloggers can have fun and enjoy collaboration while doing what they love, trying beauty products heehee, do follow Clozette on Instagram too to see all the fun we have at @ClozetteID

Now, let's go back to reviewing these babies from Lanore.


On all of my pictures in this post, I'm using all three of them, from the CC Cream, Powder Foundation and Loose Powder, they all work well together and creating this natural flawless finish that made my skin glow beautifully.

Let's get to know them one by one.


Lanore Whitenning & Anti Aging CC Cream spf 40+ / PA++

Cocok untuk wanita aktif dan dinamis, Lanore Whitenning & Anti Aging spf 40+ / PA ++ memiliki tekstur cream yang ringan untuk menghasilkan tatanan yang alami dan ringan sekaligus melindungi kulit dari pengaruh buruh UV dan radikal bebas. Terdapat 2 pilihan warna yaitu; Light Beige dan Sandy Beige, CC Cream ini mampu menjaga kulit tetap cerah, lembap, meratakan warna kulit yang tidak merata dan menyamarkan garis-garis halus serta noda hitam dengan kandungan:
·         Vitamin B3
·         Vitamin C
·         Vitamin E
·         Peptide
·         Green Tea Extract
·         Hyaluronic Acid


Lanore Brightening Powder Foundation SPF 10+ / PA ++

Alas bedak dengan kandungan Arbutin yang membantu mencerahkan dan menyamarkan noda hitam ada kulit wajah in cocok untujk wanita asia yang aktif dan dinamis. Terdapat kandungan UVA dan UVB filter melindungi kulit wajah dari paparan sinar matahari. Terdapat 2 pilihan warna yaitu; Golden Beige dan Natural.


Lanore Brightening Loose Powder

Memiliki formula yang lembut, bedak tabur ini menghasilkan riasan halus dan alami. Kandungan Arbutin dan Hyaluronic Acid sebagai nutrisi kulit mampu membantu mencerahkan dan melembabkan kulit wajah, tampil alami dengan kulit tetap sehat terjaga. Terdapat 2 pilihan warna yaitu Beige dan Natural.


I happen to receive their CC Cream in Light Beige, and I think the shade is suitable for Indonesian as it is not too bright, the tone is just right and suitable for natural finish.

The texture is creamy but easy to blend, definitely not heavy but not to thin too, it provide an ample coverage.

The compact is pretty, it is a powder foundation, hence it have the ability to cover the skin from imperfection, and the sponge is provided too with a round shape mirror on the top of the lid. It's perfect for makeup on the go.


The loose powder have fine particles that helps sets the makeup. The opening dots helps dispense the powder just enough and the puff is suitable for travel, still, I prefer my handy dandy brushes for application.

And, if you're wondering their coverage ability, take a look at the image below.


The tone of the skin even out, the pores seems small, the skin looks so soft and smooth, they become flawless after each application and last but not least, the product has a good water resisting, not waterproof okay, it's resisting, which means it is still easy to clean using micellar water cleanser or any makeup remover but gives sufficient power against water, like when you sweat or accidentally got a bit of splash.


I'm usually use them start from the CC Cream, on a clean skin right after all of the skincare. The CC Cream itself was created as a color corrector, it helps the skin to look at its best with a natural touch. So don't expect a heavy makeup look, but look forward to a better complexion, plus it comes with a skincare infusion too like vitamins, green tea extract and hyaluronic acid. Last but not least, a protection against sun with SPF 40+ / PA++. 


Top it off with the Powder Foundation, I use my foundie flat brush most of the time, it helps the coverage and since the texture is dense and dry, it adhere nicely on top of the CC Cream. The sponge provided help putting on the powder during touch ups too, and it can be used on damp or dry skin. Aside from the coverage provided, the compact also have a sheer sun protection for daily use.


The loose powder might be the last step but it is not less important than the rest, it may be sheer in coverage but it helps keeping everything together and last longer too. I can simply use the CC Cream and loose powder for daily use, or all three of them to create a better coverage, a higher one for events or special occasion without looking like overly done.


Since their product is in the budget friendly category, I think I can easily recommend the goods to anyone. And since their shades are pretty natural, they can be used for almost all Indonesian skin tone, or perhaps most Asian. You could try from the CC Cream, or loose powder that happens to be so universal (in terms of shade and function), or, that compact powder, perfect for beauty on the go as a dual cake.


Get yours at beauty stores, Watson, or via online. They are suitable for Indonesia climate, or anywhere where it is hot and humid in this tropical land.

Thank you so much Clozette Indonesia and Lanore for the chance in trying the goodies, see you all again soon.

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