Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil Serum Foundation

Hello lovelies,

Lakme Absolute have another foundation to share with you and this one is Argan Oil Serum Foundation with SPF 45, and mine happen to be in Rose Silk (02).

The product comes in a pipette kind of container, like the ones that we see a lot on youtuber, where they drip drip drip the foundation on to their skin before blending it. It looks encouraging, right?! I do make one myself on my instagram (@Carnellin), do check it out.


Nourished skin with a flawless finish is now a reality with the all new Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil Serum Foundation.

This serum formula works like magic to create a flawless, dewy finish look to your face. A naturally radiant glow with medium coverage, this foundation simultaneously moisturises your skin. Available in 6 distinct shades to suit most Indian skin tones, the packing is premium, modern and with a dropper format. Its silky fluid texture blends easily into your skin and also has SPF 45 for protection against sun damage.


Step 1: Shake up your bottle of foundation; this ensures the serum and colour tint are fully mixed.
Step 2: Use the dropper (which is inside the bottle) to apply the foundation onto your makeup brush.
Step 3: Stick to a drop or two if you want a sheer look and apply it all over your face including your neck.Step 4: For fuller coverage, build up the intensity slowly until you get your desired look.


Look how the foundation unifies the skin tone into an even and flawless look. The coverage is definitely there and the scent is definitely perfumed since it's obvious. And it will linger for a while. The product is slightly rich and feels a bit thick but on the skin it will turn into velvety and then powdery like, so it's pretty comfortable with the right amount of coverage for the skin. Large pores, fine lines, to faint imperfection are easily disappear.

For deep marks, layered up the foundation and perhaps add a bit of concealer too for a maximum effect.

Top it off with a dash of finishing powder to set the base or perhaps after colors. The makeup usually last around whole day when inside a controlled room like cool and dry, but for sure, ones skin condition and activity also helps determining the longevity. Bring along a dusting powder or loose powder to freshen up the look and help it stays longer.


For those (perhaps like me) who like to mix colors, it is possible, it helps me to get that exact shade that I want. Highlight and contour also possible using a lighter shade and darker shade on the areas I prefer.

The product is easily mixed and the setting time is good, it's not super slow nor super fast, I say it's around 3-5 minutes, so we do have time to blend.


Thank you so much Lakme Absolute  Indonesia for the Argan Oil Serum Foundation.

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