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Microblading alias Sulam Alis

Hello lovelies,

around 2 months ago, I went for a microblading aka sulam alis. In Indonesia, sulam alis is a huge thing and in this post, I'll show you what is this sulam alis or microblading or microshading, or mist powder or 6D, 4D, whatever D it is.


Long time ago, moms are raving the eyebrow tattoo, and it stick to them like for life. It's densely thick and visible from kilometers away. It is THAT thick. Nowadays, people are so into embroidery and it's a huge thing in Asia. Perhaps since Asian has thinner brow, we are not as hairy as our sister  with different hormones and genetics background, so we need help in terms of those hair on the brows, well not just brows, lashes too and so on. But we never feel envy with the hairs on the armpit :D

Now back to this embroidery for the brow that also known as microblading because if the technique and blade used. So the more the D the more lines are made, so it's becoming more like the real thing. Still, it all depends on the ability and how the artist do your brow.  Nevertheless, everything started like shown above, numbing cream. All good professional brow artist should always cleans and numbs the area in the right time. As numbing cream works around 20 minutes, if you stroke them too fats the pain is still there, and if it's too long the numbing cream doesn't have their magic power anymore. So make sure when you do yours, the artist really set the time right.


And then the artist will draw the outline and ask you whether you're happy with the design. There are tons of shapes and designs and it all depends on your preference to face shape and colors too. There's tone to choose, the availability of the tones also depends on where you did your eyebrow, there are famous ones that have wide variety of shades while some only have very few options.

The finishing of the brow also differ, strokes only like microblading or the ones that looks like you did your brow using pencils, this is called microshading or mist, brow, etc that are similar to makeup but it last. These embroidery thingy doesn't stay as long as tattoos but it last for a few years. Perfect for someone who wasn't really committed but wants something that doesn't need daily routine as much as using the whole makeup, well it helps reducing by 5 minutes :D


 The process for me started from choosing the right artist, from the locations, their pricing, and the most important matter, the portfolios. I need those the most. And I'm not recommending mine since she is not really in the friendly zone, but I love her work in the instagram. I prefer someone that can answer all 1001 questions of mine, since I'm new at this, I concern about my health, I want to know more about her technique, hygiene and so on. So I do have my right and she doesn't seems to be happy answering all my questions. 

Still, I love her work and finally we have some schedule I could fit in. The location is quite near my home, when I was there she have a studio on her own. All the blades used are new and she said everything is cleaned properly and she is focusing on the cleanliness and design of the brow. I ask for a fuller look but she said that this is better and if I still want to have a fuller one, it can be done during the touch up. So like most services I know, there's a free touch up and should be done within 3 months upon the first appointment.


(2 days after the embroidery)

The process is a breeze, I don't feel any pain during the procedure and the numbing cream is applied twice. The first time during the first strokes and the second ones right before the second strokes. Since I asked for a micromix (blading and shading) in gradation, so the inner brows are lines like hairs and towards the outer is fine dots like pencils.


During the first day all the way until the 5th day, I didn't let water touch the brows, not even cleaning, just these lotion cream given by the artist, and I bought a few more just in case I needed more. Which I did, I use them diligently, like every 5 hours. It helps to soothe the skin, calms and helps the healing process too. It's a special cream made for eyebrow 'tattoo'.

After 5 days are over, I can take a shower like normal people do and let the water run through the brows, it feels good to be cleaned. There are stiffness and I was told to never pull them off. Let them peel all by themselves. So there are times where the brows looks like they are a bit mess, parts that are flakes off and parts that aren't.


But worry not, they all will come off and leave this natural like brow that you somewhat dream off...why do I say that? That because I want a thicker and fuller brow, which the artist insisted she will done it later during the free touch up, ouch. 


Does that means I can't play with my brows? Surely can. I can still color, use mascara, or do anything I want, even though the artist said that it will reduce the longevity of the brows. But how long do they actually last? Not forever for sure, these microblading eyebrows last around 2-3 years, and if I want to get the touch up promo which cost half of the full price, I need to get them done every year, that is still pricey for being high maintenance.


After around 6 weeks (because I read that the best time to get the touch up is actually 6 weeks after the first one was done. The wound has completely healed and it's settled. So if there anything to be corrected or done more is after these 6 months.

The procedure is the same, cleaning, drawing, and making. This time, I insist on getting mine fuller and thicker too.

Do I get what I want? Almost. It looks really thick and fulfilling at first, but after they peeled off, they look slimmer. Not as slim as before, but not as thick as I want it too.

Even though the procedure is the same, somehow, it is more painful than the first, like the numbing cream doesn't work on the first application. Tears almost came down that day, but somehow, during the second application after the second numbing product is applied, no more pain is felt, thank God!


The peeling, healing and everything I have to go through is the same as the first. No water for the first 5 days, only the lotion given applied two time per day this time, and days went on smoothly. A few accidents does happened during healing process, my little girl scratches my eyebrow when they are not peeled yet and it felt painful. I don't know whether it leaves a mark or not since most of them still covered with the inks.


In the end, everything does become well, I do still wish for a fuller brows, perhaps next time, or next year.

Now here's some of my tips for conclusions:
1. Get the right artist that you know will do a good job for you, it's your money, you decide. The price is varied from place to place and how they do they work, find one that you really like. It's okay to ask around and ask tons of questions.
2. Prepare yourself, there's still be pain. But not overwhelming ones.
3. Don't come when you're sensitive, like PMS, sick or unwell, or when something bad just happened and your emotionally not stable and could not make a fair judgement.
4. Bring a book, magazine, or a good data plan to help the time goes by.
5. Bring drinks and food if needed, 2 hours is kinda long.
6. Listen to your artist and don't get the brows wet or other things touching it for at least 5 days. No sauna excessive workouts, swimming (for sure), peeling, rubbing, or scratching the area.
7. The eyebrow will fully heal approximately 6 weeks, do a touch up after 6 weeks.

That's it! I hope you enjoy reading this post and somewhat useful.


See you again soon!!

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