Monday, April 16, 2018

Heavenly Blush Greek Yogurt

Hello lovelies,

if I was asked about my passion, that would be traveling, specifically to beautiful places around the world that offers better condition from our land. Cleaner, nicer, safer and for sure everything is well planned and well organized. They made me want to be better and learn a thing or two about efficiency while thriving to be the best version of myself.


During traveling, I purchase a lot of things like beauty products and try new delicacies too. From drinks, 5 star food to street snacks, they are famous for reasons too. I've visited Kansai area in Japan and eat a lot of Takoyaki, high fat food like in Horai 551, or something that cooling and refreshing like vanilla blue ice cream.


Or like during my visit in Thailand, exotic food that more often spicy. All of these could make an imbalance effect to my digestion system, hence bringing a supplements, medicine or perhaps something that easier and friendlier, yogurt.


Yogurt itself is known for their feature of naturally healthy. Ancient history goes back to 6000 BC of the Neolithic peoples of Central Asia when details of yogurt was first discovered. In India, yogurt are famous, a lot of their dishes adding yogurt adding nutritional value and benefit to everyday meal. And of course, we can never forget about the Greek.

For millennia, making yogurt was the only known safe method for preserving milk, other than drying it. Yogurt was well known in the Greek and Roman empires, and the Greeks were the first to mention it in written references in 100 BC.

Greek Yogurt itself is a strained, hence it made them thicker, appear fuller and richer.


Regarding the taste, it was actually quite bland and even a bit sour or savory. This may not be suitable for just about everyone, perhaps that's why Heavenly Blush Greek Yogurt is a sweeter and taste more welcoming for us. It's not as sweet as desserts hence we can have it anytime or on the go, before or after meal and even on empty stomach.


This Greek Yogurt is filled with more protein, low in carbohydrate, low in sugar, soft in texture, help keeping the 'full' feeling and perfect for diet without risking the health, and it's the first ready to drink Greek Yogurt in South Asia with it's richness, thickness and less water too.


The packaging is chubby, beautiful in design as the white and the vibrant blue like in Greek. It's so iconic and eye catching, easy to be find in the supermarket.


A picture means a thousand words, look at the image below, the consistency, softness, and the richness of the thick yogurt. They are not just taste good but look good too. It's appetizing.

Aside from being easy to drink and consume with any fruits or other kinds of food, the yogurt also suitable for beauty as a mask, hair mask or face mask, or even body mask as it soften the skin like no other.

Simply apply on a dry skin or dry hair, wait around 30 minutes and take a shower as usual. Appreciate the soft and delicate skin afterwards where nutrition take part.


What do you think? Does this enjoyable, healthy, and delicious drink deserve a spot in your life? I think so, my family and I think so.

Thank you C Chanel for the information regarding Heavenly Blush Greek Yogurt, and now there's a competition too where you can win a trip to Greek, do find out more here:

or directly to Heavenly Blush Greek Yogurt official website:

Thanks for reading my post, hope to see you again soon!

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