Thursday, April 12, 2018

ECLA Gold and Collastin Beauty

Hello lovelies,

around a week ago, I was invited to an event in Grand Indonesia. Located in Greyhound Cafe, the venue was booked by one of a skincare brand that also carries many other products like healthcare alongside of face care.

There are two serums that caught my eyes and looks so good, ECLA Gold and ECLA C Lite.


In the event there's some other products too like QV (a series of body wash, lotion and cream) that was the answer to sensitive skin. Without scent and helps the skin to heal from dryness.


And of course, on the table are the serums, one packed with 10% vitamin C and the other made for aging skin.


A lot of bloggers came that day, we all listening to the talk by Sales Marketing Manager OTC : Ibu Elvi, Dokter Sugianto, dan Product Manager: Mba Annis.

They share how important it is for anyone to take good care of their skin. Giving the skin a proper routine and supplements too.


Here are some of the details provided by

ECLA C LITE merupakan serum Vitamin C kesehatan yang memiliki 2 kombinasi active ingredients yang mengandung antioksidan Vitamin C yang dapat membantu melindungi kulit dari efek buruk radikal bebas untuk memperoleh kulit tetap sehat

10 g

Aqua Puricata, Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Propanediol, Trehalose G, Polyacrylate, Crosspolymer-6, Sodium Metabisulfit, Sodium Citrate, Dimethylol Dimethyl Hydantoin

  • Mengandung komponen-komponen alami dan kuat untuk melawan radikal bebas dan polusi 
  • Mengandung 2 Komponen utama yang sangat kuat untuk menjaga kecantikan 
  • Ethyl Ascorbic Acid merupakan bentuk vitamin C yang lebih stabil dan lebih cepat meresap sehingga lebih cepat mencerahkan kulit, merangsang pembentukan kolagen dalam kulit dan menangkal radikal bebas 
  • Trehalose merupakan moisturizing agent untuk melembabkan dan menghaluskan kulit 
  • Sangat baik dikonsumsi untuk wanita agar terhindar dari radikal bebas dan menghambat proses penuaan 
  • Dapat melembabkan, mencerahkan kulit, dan merangsang pembentukan kolagen



It was also said that ECLA Gold able to make the skin firmer in all areas like laughing lines, eyes, mouth lines, forehead and yes, all over.

I was really interested as I do have some areas need for lifting, anyone above 30 should use it. During the event, the talk show did mention start from 20 years old would be a good idea too as collagen start to be less produce than before.


Now, let's see ECLA Gold from up close.

The product comes in pearly white pump bottle. The details is available on the box and I love how simple yet sophisticated the bottle is. The pump assured me of its hygienic feature and practicality.


What is the serum look like? It's clear and looks like a runny gel. There's a faint floral like scent and on the skin, it felt so good and easy to be used. I've been using for quite some time now (more than a week) and I enjoy using it as it made the skin feels tighter.

So far, there's no allergic reaction or redness or any discomfort, the product is wonderful and suitable for my dry and sensitive skin. And I can pair it up with my regular toner and moisturizer.


How about ECLA C Lite?

With 10% Vitamin C, the serum help to heal the skin, as the potent vitamin C induce the collagen to react, the scar, acne marks, to dark spots are getting treated. When the skin is hurt, either from dryness or wound, they'll eventually heal and closing up. But the skin need more collagen to secure the are and heals properly so the skin become as smooth as before.


The below image is different from ECLA Gold but they both have similar texture, color (which is clear) and runny-ness.

The product also easily taken by the skin, it's comfortable and not sticky, both of the serum is pleasant. While ECLA Gold have firming effect, made the skin more moist, ECLA C Lite is lighter, those with oily skin could enjoy this serum more.

But I think, both of the serum works well on any skin type since the serums tolerate the skin really well, or the skin able to tolerate the serums well. Like they are made to pamper the skin.


Aside from the serums, there are photos of more products as seen all over my post, like QV (an Australian made brand) that promises better skin condition.

QV Body is a range of cleansers and moisturisers that won’t irritate and dry out skin or strip away the skin’s natural protective oils. Free from soap, fragrance and common irritants, QV Body products help protect, moisturise and care for the skin from head to toe.


Collastin beauty that contain a special ingredient that even in Japan has been used to treat cancer, Astaxanthin.

Collastin Beauty
Nutrition Formula for Healthy Skin

Deskripsi Produk
Collastin Beauty adalah suplemen kulit yang mengandung kombinasi Kolagen (Collactive), Astaxanthin, Vitamin C, serta Vitamin A untuk membantu memenuhi kebutuhan nutrisi kulit

8 Pesona Collastin Beauty :

- Memutihkan kulit
- Mengencangkan kulit
- Mengurangi kerutan
- Menyamarkan noda dan flek hitam
- Menghaluskan kulit
- Melembabkan kulit
- Meremajakan kulit
- Menangkal radikal bebas

Collagen (Collactive), Astaxanthin, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, MCC 102, Croscarmellose Sodium, Silicon Dioxide, Colloidal, Mg. Stearat


If you're interested in any of the product, here are some of the prices available in many stores, these are the range of sales available.
Ecla C Lite: Rp 98.000 -  Rp. 132.000
Ecla Gold: Rp. 390.000 - Rp. 418.275.
Collastin Beauty: Rp. 250.000 - Rp. 329.000
QV: Rp. 175.000 - Rp. 220.000

Or, do get yours in their official website and get 30% discount using my code:

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As for me, I'll cherish these two babies and thank you Mahakam Beta Farma my skin is looking prettier everyday.


  1. Td aku pikir bakal mahal banget, tp happy pas tau masih terjangkau :) . Utk usia udh 35 gini, aku udah waktunya hrs rutin pake perawatan utk anti aging begini :)

    1. dakupun 37, usia segini skincare udah wajib banget