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Traveling with ClevaMama and Nuby

Hello lovelies,

first of all, thank you so much for Mothercare Indonesia and KBBV for this wonderful collaboration, since thanks to them, I received these amazing goodies which I found to be really useful and absolutely adores.

The thing is, being a mom of two, I definitely have tried many things in the market, like I have many straw bottles like from so many brands and type, snack cups, and of course, pillows and blankets too, and yet, I still haven't manage to try these babies before (my bad) and it's truly ,y loss since the products are super duper good and beyond any I've tried. I can easily name famous brands here, but I still prefer to say that you'll definitely know these brands as they are kinda sold a lot in the world, yet, Nuby and ClevaMama are far better, and I'll share with you the reasons one by one.


Start with the bottle and snack catcher. These are:

Nuby Sport Bottle Thermos Style 360 ml

Nuby 2-Pack Snack Keepers

Looks so simple right? What so special about them? Here's why.


Begin with Snack Catcher
  • Super soft flaps make it easy to reach into container without spilling snacks
  • Holds 9 ounces of dry snacks that won't spill all over the floor
  • Protective bottom of Snack Keeper keeps tabletops scratch-free
  • Colors may vary. You will receive a total of two Snack Keepers which could be in any of the following four colors: Pink with Green Lid / Light Blue with Purple Lid, Red with Blue Lid/Blue with Green Lid, Green with Yellow Lid / Aqua with Orange Lid, or Red with Blue Lid / Green with Yellow Lid
  • 12 Months + / BPA Free


Look's cute, colorful, have a basic safety and quality of a safe product for kids and with the grip and all the holder, you can be less worry of the possibility tods dropping it off. The rather tinted clear bowl make us know is it finished or not yet without having to open and close it several times.

The anti slip silicone on almost every sides are brilliant, it wont be slippery when put on most surface. It helps minimizing the probability to fall.


And of course, the main attraction is the catcher as the flaps has to be soft, I've had the ones that not so soft and it hurts after several attempts getting the snacks.

No crumbs manage to fall and no delicate hands are hurt, the flaps are really super soft and even after many times putting the hand in and out, the skin are happy and so am I.

When the flaps are off, my girl can use it as a drinking cup too, it's handy and the surface are molded well so there's no sharp edges.


Now, after being so happy about the Snack Keeper, let's move on to the sport bottle that deserve standing ovation from us.


The soft silicone straw is uniquely designed to be delicate and gentle to gums and teeth. The cap is specially engineered to prevent drips and spills when the hygienic cover is closed. The cup is made from break-resistant Tritan" plastic from Eastman.
Fitur dan Benefit untuk Nuby Sport Bottle Thermos Style 360 ml (Assorted Colour)
  • Suitable for 18+ months 
  • Volume: 12oz/360ml
  • Perfect for thirsty kids on the go 
  • Hygienic cover keeps spout clean when closed 
  • Silicone band for easy gripping 
  • No-Spill' when the cap is closed 
  • BPA Free
  • *Designs vary. You will receive one of the combinations shown.

There's several design and colors and we receive this one that we like. It's classy and cute. With a press of a button the lid will open and close tightly when pushed together.

And here's the magic part, remember having that straw bottles that even causing some gums to bleed in between the teeth when you try to suck a drink out of it? This one is far away from that, the water smoothly went out without any hindrance whatsoever, it was so good, like using any straw from a glass. And even so, without that obstacle that tightly holds the straw, still, no spill nor any leakage, no matter how small it is. It's really that good.

I have so many bottles at home that's frustrating, it's difficult to suck it and in the end, we feel even more thirsty than it is, or a bottle that leaks or a bottle that difficult to clean and the list goes on.

Nuby Sport Bottle Thermos is strong, easy to be used and works like a charm. Perfect in size, not too big and not too small and regarding the no leak, no leakage and no need extra sucking power, it's probably the best straw bottle in the market.


For sure, we carried it during our travel to Osaka a while back. It shows how much we are loving it. Mama can stays pretty and happy while the kids are well hydrated.


Last, but definitely not the least, it's the travel pillow/blanket in one. The one that so cute and super soft too, made from material that are light so comfortable to the max. We are using it in the plane where comfort is much needed.


Dengan mudahnya merubah bantal mewah Anda menjadi selimut bulu yang halus.
Fitur dan Benefit untuk ClevaMama Pillow Blanket - Beige
  • sangat lembut dan mewah
  • Extra Large 120 cm x 100 cm
  • dapat diubah dari bantal menjadi selimut
  • dimensi produk: 30 x 10 x 36 cm
  • sangat cocok untuk sofa atau dipakai saat bepergian
  • mudah dan cepat disimpan membuat mobil dan sofa anda rapi saat bantal dan selimut tidak dipakai
Want To Know More?
dengan mudah mengubah bantal mewah anda menjadi selimut bulu yang sangat lembut. cocok untuk berpergian dan untuk si kecil berbaring. About ClevaMama® pada tahun 2003, oleh dua Ibu yang berkerja dan bersaudara, Martina dan Suzanne, ClevaMama® sekarang merupakan perusahaan yang meraih juara internasional dan brand yang sangat cepat menjadi terkenal karena menjadi pelopor produk bayi yang praktis dan memiliki desain yang baik.
ClevaTeam mendengar berbagai pengalaman Anda, untuk memberikan produk pelopor yang memiliki nilai pada hari ini ’s orangtua dari seluruh dunia. kami memiliki passion, berdedikasi, dan sangat senang untuk berbagi produk kami dengan anda! jelajahi mereka dengan dirimu sendiri dan anda akan segera mengetahui mengapa kami dipanggil ClevaMama®.


During our flights it was a 'gruesome' 5 hours, continue with a 4 hours transit and another 3 and a half hours to the final destination. For sure, I have a back and neck-ache, all of us, except this happy girl on the picture, she is fully rested thanks to the pillow and blanket in one which we can easily fold it into a pillow and opened it as a blanket as many times as we please and she stays asleep without being disturbed. The softness of the blanket when turn into pillows are like a charm too, economy seats are a cramp, this pillow that fluffy and doesn't need much space can be use as a pillow that protected the girl's head from the hard arm rests.

When she is cold during transit and inside her stroller, the pillow comes as blanket and she still happily snugged all the way to a long journey.

Again, these trip has been made better and much more comfortable thanks to these goodies from ClevaMama and Nuby.

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