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Okinawa Deep Sea Water Mask by V 10 Plus

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I'm back with V 10 Plus, a brand that offering products with water based formula, no paraben, no chemical fragrance, no artificial color and no mineral oil. So those with sensitive skin may found relieves in these products, one of the item carried is called Okinawa Deep Sea Water Mask, and on the packaging it was clearly said: Suitable even for Super Sensitive Skin.


Details from

V10Plus Okinawa Water Mask contains sodium hyaluronate. A gel type moisture pack rich in deep sea water derived from the beautiful sea surrounding Okinawa (a Southern Island In Japan). It is rich in hyaluronic acid, seaweed extracts and minerals to hydrate and moisturize the skin. It improves elasticity of the skin and protects the skin from dryness. it effectively tones and provides optimal hydration for the skin that has been severely affected by UV rays in summer or doing outdoor sports.

Directions: Apply a thin layer of water mask onto thoroughly cleansed face (including eyes and lip area). Ideally, you may leave it in through the entire night. Alternatively, leave it on for 20 or 30 minutes. wipe of with a wet towel and pat it dry lightly. Recommend to use it daily or 3 times a week


So on a cleaned skin, use this clear gel like mask directly onto the skin, no need using a toner or anything else. Well, actually I found 2 ways of using the product. The first is to leave it overnight, like a sleeping mask, so before using the mask I use the serum (also from V10Plus). Even thou their products are compatible with any other product from other brand, this time, as a sleeping mask, the only serum I recommend is from V10Plus since they are both water based and so easy to be absorbed by the skin, so I don't want any hindrance which sometime can occur when using other products from other brand due to it's natural origin or formula.

The second way to use it is like any other mask, on a clean face and use it for 15 minutes (like mentioned in the packaging) or 20-30 minutes (like mentioned in the details from the website) and then clean it off or rinse it off.


The gel looks super cute and refreshing too!

On this post, I will show you the second way of using the product.


This is my before face, take note that all the images here has gone through NO editing process for the real effect result and review.

I clean my face and use no toner. Immediately, applying Okinawa Deep Sea Water Mask to the skin.

The feeling and sensation it created is just lovely. Perfect for anytime of the day.


I think I use around 3 almond size for the whole face. For sleeping mask, a thinner layer is enough, well actually a thin layer will definitely do, but it wont be shown on the images ^^ so I just show you what 3 almond sizes mask can do ya.


There's no sensitivity, heat, warm, tingling sensation, just pure comfort. This is really nice actually, I love a mask that provide moisture, hydration and minerals without a fuss.


After more than 15 minutes (below 20 minutes) the gel appears to be lesser on the surface. The cooling feeling is wonderful, imagine using it on a hot summer days, or perhaps after a day in the sun, your skin will appreciate the healing properties it gives, like the dried skin regain its live back.


Then I use a damp towel and clean it up. This is my after look. A fully hydrated skin that feels ultra comfortable and supple. I love it and would like to use it often.

Take note that since the skin is hydrated, it does appears younger, fresher and less oily. Oils are a compensation of our lack of hydration on the skin, so by keeping the 'water level' optimum at skin cells, we're keeping them happy and healthy.

Tips: In using it as a sleeping mask, try to leave it for 30 minutes before tossing in. You don't want the mask to ends up on the pillow case more than your face right, side sleeper?! 

Thank you V10Plus, always a pleasure in reviewing your products!

Stay tune for more.

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