Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dove SOAPaholic Day and Our 7 Days Challenge

Hello gorgeous ladies,

how are you today? Do you have a project(s) going on? I do! I start my 7 days challenge with Dove Beauty Bar. Say what?!!

Most of my readers must have acknowledge how I love trying new products, Dove is definitely not a new product, it is actually has been around since 1950's and I've been using it on and off, but never for the face. I use them for the body only. I know I related to many people as many of my friends as well are only using Dove Beauty Bar as their toiletries, not as a skincare range (for facial usage), I'm curious to see my facial skin reaction. I do have a mildly sensitive facial skin, I wonder will it work well on me.


So how come I'm going to challenge the product by using it on the face? It's because last week, when I was invited by to an event with Dove, the team from Dove has shared and proven of how Dove Beauty Bar is ideal not only for body's skin, but facial skin as well.

Impressive right?!


I came in white since DOVE is always about white, and blue, it shown how pure they are.

Details about Dove Beauty Bar from

Dove® contains ¼ pure moisturizing cream and mild cleansers that leave skin clean, soft and smooth. Soap, on the other hand, contains drying ingredients that strip skin of its natural moisture, leaving it feeling dry and tight.

added by the Dove, Dove Beauty Bar is safe for sensitive skin since Dove was originally was made to cleanse burning wounds from World War II victims the hypoallergenic formula that doesn't clogged the skin (non-comedogenic) also a bonus point which I think suitable for facial use.


Now, let's learn a bit shall we?!

Dove start by explaining the dry skin condition where air con, pollution, sun, environmental, and even emotional conditional affected the skin. Irritation and dryness that often linked become recurrences and lead to damaged skin and early aging. Skin's moisture controlled 70% of the skin's function to keep the skin healthy, hydrated and of course beautiful.

We do shower to make our skin clean and stays moist, but what happen is, most of the cleanser out there depleting our natural skin condition called Stratum Corneum (SC), a layer on the skin that contains proteins and lipid that help keeping the skin naturally moist.

During shower, SC will absorb the water, this process is called SC's hydration, and some of the water is kept on skin cells (called corneosit) where later there'll be cell increasing in sizes due from soaking the water. Some surfactant on soaps will 'inflate' the cells to inflammation level that potentially damaging the cells or irritation occurs.

When taking a shower the skin is able to absorb emollient in the cleanser, therefor it is best to taking care the skin while in the shower.

Five basic principal of cleaning the skin from cleaning, repairing, moistening, protection, and heals the skin is the principle that Dove uses because Dove is different, Dove is not an ordinary soap. It is a non-soap based created with unique technology without loosing the skin's natural condition. Formulated with DEFI (Directly Esterified Fatty Isethionate, mild synthetic surfactants (syndets), which is sodium cocoyl isethionate which can clean the skin in the more gentler way compared to regular soap.

Don't forget the 1/4 moisturizing cream inside every bar.

Source: Dr. Lilik Norawati, SpKK and Unilever R&D


Proofing some of its means, team Dove prepare a mini class like we used to have ^^ Using lakmus paper Dove Beauty Bar came out as a winner with the ideal PH level for the skin. I remember that my cousin's used to buy this pricey cleanser which has PH 5,5, Dove Beauty Bar with a far more economic stands as budget friendly and gives almost the same result as products way more expensive.


A simple product that has been used for more than 50 years and has gathered many many ehm, many fans all around the world. Yes, Dove Beauty Bar is in Indonesia and now, stronger than ever, hopefully this time everyone can get their hands on them. A friend of mine says she is excited to see some of Dove Beauty Bar making its way to the local drugstore. Her aunt has been looking for it for quite some time. I'm getting more excited to try my own experiment with Dove Beauty Bar.So, Dove Beauty Bar is not just available in the local supermarket, but beauty and drug store too.


If you're as curious as I am, do try participating Dove 7 Days Challenge on their Facebook Fan Page and the first 1,000 participants will get Dove White Beauty Bar delivered to their addresses. And you also can join the 7 Days Challenge on Female Daily forum, because they have Shopping Vouchers worth IDR 500,000 each for five winners! Click here to participate. What are you waiting for? Join the challenge now Don't forget to follow them on twitter for more information: @iDOVEit. They have many things going on right now, so don't forget to keep tuning in ya.


Packed with bunch of Dove Beauty Bar, I'm 100% ready for the challenge, but I'm not going to do it alone, I'm bringing my hubby and daughter along the way. Dove Beauty Bar are safe for babies, kids, men and women, well anyone. The gentle and soft formula is suitable to be used daily and here are the proves:


We've been using it for 7 days (and more now), let me share the conclusion on my husband's skin:
He used to have a very sensitive skin, inflammation and irritation occurs in the area such as chest, below the neck and behind the neck. He feels itchy most of the time and even thou the dermatologist we visited said it is related to the stress and other conditions, he always advice to find a good soap to help 'calming down' the area affected. We've tried so many soaps and cleanser out there, none satisfied him. Some are too mild, hence there's no cleaning property to his oily skin. The rest are too harsh, too many fragrance, too many preservatives, too expensive, and the reasons can keep going on and on.

From the first day of using Dove Beauty Bar, the skin feels softer immediately and the itchiness reduced. In 7 days, almost all of his 'allergic bumps' are not visible, the skin looks calm and healthier, no more redness and discomfort. This is definitely a wonderful result for us, his skin is happier, he is happier. Stress and other conditions may come and go, but his skin can stay being soothe every day with Dove Beauty Bar.

Next is my daughter, her skin is still generally healthy but there's an occasionally dryness visible. I used to make her put on body lotions every time after a shower but sometime she complains about the stickiness and it is troublesome for her 'busy' schedule ^^ between homework, school, and other activity. At first she is not used to using a soap bar (liquid soap is more to our preference), but after 2-3 washes she gets used to the bar and enjoying her shower time. She loves the scent of Dove and the sensation on the skin. No more visible dryness like other soaps do. I used to bought expensive imported body cleanser for kids since well, in Indonesia, there's not a lot of options, in fact, there's like minimum options for kids. Most products sold out there stripe out the skin's natural moisture and leave it strikingly white dry (yes, those white stripes when we scratch our skin). In the long run the skin will cracked and become worst.

So when Dove mentioned that the products is safe for everyone, my family becomes my no.1 focus, this challenge has become a family challenge ^^

Now, my daughter's skin looks so much softer and smoother without the need to get those imported cleanser, sticky body lotions that she dislike, and it is very easy. Taking a shower now means cleansing and pampering in the same time. Her facial skin sometime also gets dirty to food, sweat, and other daily debris, with the gentle formula of Dove Beauty Bar, she can use the foam on the face as well. Just like me, yes, my challenge is focusing on the face, I do use it for the whole body too ^^


Before Dove Beauty Bar Challenge entered my home, I already using products that safe, gentle and have the optimal PH for the skin. So I thought, at least I'm trying whether Dove will give me a better, worse or same effect with the products I already used.

The result is....Dove Beauty Bar is definitely NOT an ordinary soap, it gives my skin almost same effect as a facial cleanser that priced 10x more. Some benefits also clearly seen, I called it the moist effect. It's not oily, nor greasy, it's a supple and moist skin that looks healthier, and hence, younger. The skin also appears fairer (also seen on the before after images of my daughter's and hubby's). NO, Dove Beauty Bar is not for whitening, the ingredients that gently cleans and protect the skin makes the skin appears fairer, irritation=redness=darkening, what does it means?

The irritated skin appears reddish at first, if the irritation continues the skin will become darker and darker, areas such as armpit and between our thighs are usually become the victims, that's why some of us have dark skin on those areas. By using Dove Beauty Bar those sensitive area may become fairer as irritation doesn't occurs anymore. Use it at least 7 days and keep using it so the condition maintained.

By using Dove Beauty Bar on my face and body, the overall skin become so smooth, I do have stretchmarks, dry skin and very dry heels. The stretchmarks appears softer (not gone, just smoother and less obvious), the dry skin reduced by far and to my surprise the overly dry heels are start closing in, yes, the cracks are reduced.

Thank you so much Dove, I still in awe knowing that a simple bar of soap can make such a big differences for my me and my whole family. Clearly you are not just an ordinary soap, for us, it is a health soap, beauty soap, gentle soap and most of all, skin's savior soap. Suitable for daily use, effective, proven and smells really good too.


Come on! Try one yourself today ^__^


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