Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Take on POND'S Acne Complete Solution

Hi everyone!!!

Finally, after trying, testing, experimenting, I can make this post worth reading ^^


From the recent event with POND'S (Click ME), a hamper full of their products is already in front of me, all I need is people to tested the products along with me. Since I'm like acne-free, I ask my brother's help as he does have acne, my dad and hubby's oily skin and the rest we can just share and use together ^^


The team from POND'S repeatedly reminding us that the products are made specifically for those with acne, not in a severe level where it need dermatologist help, oily skin as well. So these products are not suitable for those with dry skin, sensitive to one or more of the ingredients, or severe acne condition.


4 items, 4 people ^^ me, my brother, my dad and my hubby. There are wipes, foam and scrub, overnight gel and the concealer.

First is the Multi Action Facial Foam + Scrub. The thick paste is super easy to be lathered on. Always bubbles up, never use a 'raw' product directly to the facial skin, so work it up on the palm of your hand with water. Then use the bubbles to clean up the face. It cleans up all the oil, that's why dry skin is not suitable with this product ^^


As much as it cleans all the oil, they doesn't clean makeup, so please use a makeup remover before the cleanser. The wipes given also able to help cleaning the makeup. Then, after cleaning, use your toner, dab some of the overnight gel only on the acne, use serum and moisturizer afterwards.


The Overnight Care Gel is a light blue-green gel that dries the acne fast. Below are the before after images of my dad, bro and hubby after using the cleanser, wipes, overnight care gel.


Their oil and sebum production reduced by far, the skin feels instantly refreshed and my brother, the one with acne prone skin, has been using the foam+scrub and overnight care gel too, his acne is reducing and drying in a matter of days. The recurrence also lowered, which means less new acne coming up.

The wipes can be use once-twice a day and it helps the oil production to calms down. The skin appears matter, longer, fresher, better too. Since there's less oil, less stickiness, the skin also appears cleaner. This is a good way to keep the skin clean. Don't forget to use toner, serum and moisturizer afterwards ya. You may skip the serum is you're below 20 years old.


I like to use the wipes in the morning as sometime I need to be quick. As a mom, taking a shower in the morning is a luxury, so most of the time, I took care every morning routine and prepare those going for work and school first before I can take a shower in peace. This wipes is a blessing, clean the skin instantly and I can top it off with fresh new moisturizer and looks ready for the day...or at least until I can have my morning shower ^^


Remember not to use it too much, 1-2 a day is enough for those with oily skin. Last, but not least the concealer, the one that used to cover the acne during makeup or after finished putting on skincare. It cover that red bumps that may look nasty. The tone is a bit too dark but I can tackle this by dabbing it a bit and blend it in. Before putting on foundation or other base makeup.

Most men wont be excited using the concealers but it does help the skin to looks less problematic.


Above is on my hand and below,

the creamy nude shade look on my bro:

It covers the redness, tiny acne, but for the bigger bumps, it is reducing, so the look is becoming smoother and softer but not able to completely covering the bumps. The coverage is natural and build-able, from light to heavy coverage is up to you.


The products works well in reducing oils and acne on the skin under certain circumstances, the main target is the oil for the foam+scrub and cleansing wipes, they eliminate the oils and the ingredients inside the wipes help the skin to stay matte longer.

Overnight care gel helps the acne to be gone with the salicylic acid, use it only on the acne and as an overnight treatment, which means dab it on the acne on the spot before bedtime. No need rinsing it and best to be used on a clean area.

The concealer helps cover the acne and caring action means there's ingredients that help taking care of the acne, yes, salicylic acid again. So you can use the overnight care gel at night and concealer for day time.

Ready to try some of them yourself? Tell me what you think okay ^^