Saturday, March 6, 2010

Follow Me

When it comes to daily shower I want that perfect, not over the top scent and cleanliness. Suitable for daily use and I found them, this Nature's Path from Follow Me is the best I can get on a very bargain price price. Comes in 4 scent Flora (above pic), Anti Bacterial (below pic), Honey Milk (yellow), and Botanical (green). I must say I love them all. But currently using the Anti Bacterial and can't get enough of it.

The liquid is milky and easy to lather on. Creating a very light foam that easy to spread all over, doesn't leave any dry feeling nor stickiness afterward. Other anti bacterial shower foam I've tried create a very drying effect on my skin. I hate it. And other shower foam that claim to have moisturized effect leave a very sticky feeling and I dislike the smell too.

Nature's Path scent are fresh and feminine at the same time. I love how the scent linger but not overwhelming.

Fair Price sell each bottle for around 5$. 5$++ for normal price and less than 5$ for promotion.

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