Thursday, June 4, 2009

A perfect beautiful story..

This is a story about a lovely princess that love spending her days in the beautiful garden in her palace. Everyday when she wake up in the morning she never forget to wash her face with a special magic cleanser that make her face clean and glow with ominous beauty. After that she use a gel that can make any 'ugly duckling' turn into a 'beautiful swan', without forgetting her special tools to protect her from the evil ray.

Now she is ready to explore her beautiful kingdom and enjoy her days. When problems comes she never forget to spray it away all those stress away protecting her natural beauty. She is a very clever girl, she know what she need to do to stay beautiful so her prince charming can found her since she is the most beautiful girl in the whole kingdom. She knows when she need extra help to fight the spots so her luminous glow stay perfect. Her eyes are also her most precious asset to see the love from her prince, that's why she never forgot to preserve them and help intensify her delicate eyes, after all eyes are the windows of our soul. She can use it day or night.

At the ball when she likes to play pretend she then wash away all her make up using a special dissolver that not just powerful to clean but restore her beautiful skin.

These are her secrets but since she have a warm heart she also share it with everyone in her kingdom, so her kingdom is known for beautiful ladies that shine through the world.

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