Thursday, June 4, 2009

Next one is...

Junsui an aroma skin refresher, I used to use just mineral water spray or maybe the oxygenated but this one is way better than any other product that claim freshen up the face. It got nutritious mineral and flowers extract. I use it daily to help calming down the skin from our hot weather. And in the mall from too many air conditioner exposed that also known to dry the skin and make it looks dull. So in other way I can say Junsui can be used on any condition or temperature.

The only thing I miss is I wish there's a smaller bottle so it can fit my small purse or bag. Junsui is so good that I let my 4 years old daughter use it on almost every occasion she seems to need it, like at the beach or cold mountain weather. Its so gentle and pure that I think it work in any skin condition, like my husband's ultra sensitive acne prone skin that easily breaks down every time he stress out at his office. The gentle scent help soothe him too.

I know it seems to good to be true but Junsui really is precious water that every one can use and have a benefit from it.

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  1. Today Kawaii sent me one. The Blossom Fountain is packed in perfectly from JAPAN, Yes!! Kawaii really know how to love their customer, I love them, I love the Junsui too it's my special present.

    Now every time I spray it on my face it will be their love pouring on me. So nice :)