Monday, June 15, 2009

Here come the Daytime Rescue!

The Daytime Rescue from Kawaii product offer 28/PA++SPF based from its natural ingredients I find it the best of its kind. The spray bottle make using sunblock oh-so-easy for a lazy gal like me. I hate those sticky feeling when using sunblock with my hand, it felt sloppy. But Daytime Rescue does felt different. My skin still feel fresh and protected in the same time. The Licorice extract (anti inflammatory) is also good for those with sensitive skin prone to the sun exposure. Other ingredients you can check at their website like vit c, star fruit extract, etc. Its so cool imagining that in this small product contain so many good stuff that benefit to protect our skin.

I used to think that sunblock only necessary during holiday to the beach or swimming activity, but nowadays where the sun really hit the spot, its a must for daily use if I want to stay looking good.

verdict: Love it!

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