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Mom n Jo Gadget Holic and Eye Strain Treatment

Hello everyone,

Yesterday me and my daughter have treatments at Mom n Jo in FX. Yes, the same building that caught on fire on that exact same day. We were evacuated around 30 minutes after the treatments are done, so we are safe and sound, ready to share the review of the treatments we're having yesterday.


When I told my daughter about @momnjo (Instagram/IG), my daughter was pretty excited, she know about massages since she saw how me or her sister usually get massages at home. But this kind of treatment she'll be having is different, it is made for those (especially kids) whose been using too much gadget that it affect their posture and muscles. The feeling of stiffness on some parts of the body like shoulders and even fingers.

Here's what Mom n Jo have in mind introducing the treatment:

Sadarkah Anda bahwa kecanduan gadget memberi dampak buruk bagi postur dan penglihatan anda dan si Kecil? Menyadari hal itu, Mom n Jo menciptakan solusi treatment khusus bernama Gadget Holic Treatment, yang pertama ada di Indonesia.

Treatment ini dapat menghilangkan ketegangan dan keluhan di sekitar leher, punggung, bahu, mata, dan kepala yang diakibatkan oleh salah posisi saat menggunakan gadget.

Gadget Holic Treatment dapat dilakukan untuk anak usia batita hingga orang dewasa, meliputi stretching dan ketukan neurologis. Jika dilakukan secara berkala, perawatan ini dapat meningkatkan daya penglihatan dan memperbaiki postur tubuh.


Thanks to @clozetteid (IG), we can be here. The treatment is not just for her, I'm also receiving an Eye Strain Treatment that last for 15 minutes.

Eye Strain juga dikenal sebagai asthenopia adalah kondisi mata yang bermanifestasi melalui gejala nonspesifik seperti kelelahan, nyeri di sekitar mata, penglihatan kabur, sakit kepala, dan penglihatan ganda sesekali. Gejala sering terjadi setelah membaca, kerja di depan komputer, atau kegiatan menggunakan gadget, atau kegiatan lainnya yang melibatkan tugas visual. Saat berkonsentrasi pada tugas yang intens secara visual, seperti terus berfokus pada buku, gadget, monitor komputer, otot ciliary mengencang. Hal ini bisa menyebabkan mata menjadi terganggu, iritasi, maupun tidak nyaman (berat). Pijat Eye Stain adalah solusi untuk semua keluhan tersebut. Silakan coba, dan rasakan mata yg lebih sehat. Anda bisa memesannya di seluruh cabang Mom n Jo maupun bisa memesannya di Platform dengan harga istimewa.


This package also available at @momnjopromo (IG), do check them out for promotions regarding treatments at Mom n Jo.

Now, while waiting for the treatment, I have a chance to check around and see the rooms, most of them are for kids and babies, only one room for adult and it can be a couple treatment too since it has two beds.

Do make some bookings coming since the room and therapist is very limited. I was told that the biggest branch is in Dharmawangsa.

I think Mom and Jo itself has gain a lot of good reputation as a place for mom to be, babies and now kids too with current problem. Seems like they keep on improving on the variety of treatments and technique.


Look at the rooms, between the one at above and below is so different right?! One for adults, a signature classic massage room with dim lights and earth color tone while the one for babies and kids are well lit, bright colors, and animation from wallpapers to entertainments from DVD players. Which later on help my daughter to stay still for the her 40 minutes treatment.

The price of the treatments are:
Gadget Holic Treatment for Kid Rp 215.000
Eye Strain Treatment Rp. 150.000

Benar-benar sangat bermanfaat
treatment ini.    
Kita ga sadar kecanduan gadget memberi dampak buruk bagi postur dan penglihatan anda dan si kecil. Sadar hal itu, Mom n Jo menciptakan solusi treatment khusus bernama Gadget Holic Treatment dan Eye Strain Treatment, yang pertama dan satu-satunya ada di Indonesia.    
Gadget Holic Treatment dapat dilakukan untuk anak usia batita hingga orang dewasa, meliputi stretching, kompres, ketukan neurologis, dan massage khusus untuk gadget holic.
Treatment ini dapat menghilangkan ketegangan dan keluhan di sekitar leher, punggung, bahu, mata, dan kepala yang diakibatkan oleh salah posisi dan durasi pemakaian gadget yang sangat lama. Treatment ini juga dapat menurunkan mata minus dan gangguan mata lainnya serta memperbaiki postur tubuh anak-anak maupun remaja yang bungkuk, juga yang telah terpapar gejala ilusi (khayal), jika treatment ini dilakukan secara berkala.
Terapis Mom n Jo sangat handal, berpengalaman, dengan memiliki standar international. Mom n Jo telah menerima beragam sertifikat maupun penghargaan yaitu American Pregnancy Massage Association, MISP, American Pregnancy Association, Mother & Baby Award, AyahBunda Community Awards, Marketing Awards, dan Top Brand for Kids.


There are packages with bath too, so do choose according to your needs. We came only for the treatment yesterday and we spend roughly around an hour from waiting for the room to be prepared to finishing.

The treatment start with my daughter choosing the pink room, it's just her favorite color of the moment hence she choose that room, so making an appointment really helps right?! The staffs said they are fully booked on most weekends.


There's small notes of thank you from customers that you could read here. Perhaps they'll tell you clues on which treatment they enjoy the best or other benefits in Mom n Jo. Now, while my daughter is being prepared, by measuring weight and temperature (they do make sure the kid is healthy before experiencing the treatment), then we moved to the room, changing into treatment attire and the treatment can begin.


Look how comfortable my daughter is at the beginning of the treatment, the therapist handling her is good, she know that kids sometime can be reluctant, refuse, or doesn't want the treatment anymore hence it need to be carried of in a wise manner, by asking nicely and explaining the treatment, she can cooperate, and of course, we already explain to her at home as well, that this is good for her. We genuinely deliberate everything for her, so the kid also know what is right and wrong. It is a sensitive matter, hence a present of parents also important during the treatment.

I personally recommend you to always find a reputable place for your child, so they can always be safe and comfortable.


The treatments continues with the massage on the back, while she is sitting down, on end with stretching. Don't worry if your child need a bit more time to adjust, assure him or her that they are safe and the treatment can help them. There are maybe some pause, or they'll ask for TV or toys, do try to understand and build their confidence by trusting them as well.


Some kids may sleep, some kids may reluctant and want the treatment to end, or doesn't even want to go into the treatment room, it's okay, we can gently encourage them, they can also talk to the therapist first before continuing, they do have some technique that are good for the kids.

I know that as parents we often teach the kids not to talk to stranger nor trust them, that's why it is best that the parent is present and attentive too.


The kids may enjoy when they know they are 100% safe and we can also learn from the treatment, like a simple stretching is always good to relieve some pressure. Adult can enjoy this method as well, a daily simple massage or stretching when working with gadgets, still, limit your time using electronics for the family also helps. Don't let the kids play too long with their gadgets, do have a quality bonding family time that benefits the whole family, an hour a day keeps the positivity in the air. It'll boost everyone health in body and mind too.


The next 15 minutes is mine, I'm enjoying the Eye Strain Treatment that begins with eye cold compress, relaxing and loosening the shoulders area to the eyes and areas near the eyes like head and face. Remember to speak up when the therapist goes too hard or you need extra pressure, remember that they are not psychic hence they need us to tell them our preference.

The treatment is pretty fast and for those who are working can come during lunch hour and spend 1/4 of their lunch time to get their sight refreshed. Looking at numbers or words all day may stressed the eyes, hence do learn a thing or two during the treatment and relaxed yourself.

Like mentioned on the details up there, this treatment even improve eye sight and correction.


In Mom n Jo, they use special oils, whether it's for kids or adult, for body or face, they use specific kind of oils, hence those glistening face with oils are made with flowers according to the staffs, and it was good for the pores too.

They made and prepare everything accordingly.

During the visit, I also learn more about Mom n Jo, do ask around when you're here, it can be anything that comes to your mind, whether about the therapist skill, the products used, or the history of Mom n Jo.


Thank you Mom n Jo and
for inviting me and my daughter here. We can have a bonding time during treatments and remember how we should always take cake our body , whether it's for babies, kids, or grown up, we all need some treatments once in a while.

Thank's for reading my post, if you happen to try the treatment, do share with me your experience.

Special untuk reader blog aku. Kamu bisa mendapat potongan langsung Rp 100.000 untuk perawatan ini di Mom n Jo, juga bisa digunakan untuk perawatan lainnya, dengan cara screenshot postingan aku & tunjukkan ke frontliner Mom n Jo. Berlaku di seluruh cabang Mom n Jo. Voucher ini berlaku 2 bulan setelah postinganku ini ya. Jangan lupa reservasi dahulu ya H-2 sebelum datang ke Mom n Jo *T&C apply.
See you again soon!!

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