Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A day with Blossom Fountain

Wake up with an air-conditioned room, I need spritz from Blossom Fountain, it makes my mornings smell gloriously fresh with floral garden. So I wake up and have breakfast the hit the shower. After cleansing my face another spritz before I put on my moisturizer, my facial skin feels fresh and toned now. I'm ready for the world. In the hot Singapore weather a spritz again is needed throughout the day and in the cold and dry air conditioned room too. I also spritz some to my hair to make it moist and perfumed. It smell so wonderful and keep those frizz away. At night after cleansing my face again another spritz is needed for toning and energize me. Before bed I spritz some to my skin all over me for an aromatic beauty sleep. There's never a wrong reason to use Brighten-Up Junsui Aroma Skin Refresher in anytime of the day.

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