Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My first ZA product

Back then when I was still in university I was looking for that perfect moisturizer, most of them either too heavy or doesn't work the way I want it to be...until I found Cool Pool from ZA. It is perfect. The consistency of the gel, they are light but proven to be very effective and hydrate my skin very well. Back then I was living a 'tough' daily world haha! Riding a bike with my ex bf, taking a bus daily, etc. So you can imagine my skin was really stress and looked well, messy will be the right word. Having a good gene is useless if I'm not taking care of my skin.

So ZA Cool Pool was my skin savior back then, I love the soft scent too and my skin feel cooler and pumped up. They are ready for any day challenge thanks to it wonderful hydrating power.
The only negative thing about Cool Pool is I feel I ran out of it too fast, a jar last for 2 weeks for me, I used it daily 2 times a day, sometime 3 times a day as a night care too.

A part of ZA too I also use their energy spray which I found refreshing. I bought the bug one and get a smaller one, I love how handy the smaller one is and can easily put inside my purse and I can use it anytime. Sometime I used it as a toner, to set the make up, or just when it's really hot and I want to cool down.

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