Tuesday, January 31, 2017

VOV All Day Strong Lip Color and Eye Color

Hello lovelies,

Last month, I received this irresistible package from VOV. As usual, what's inside the pouch excites me the most, it's their collection of All Day Strong Lip Color and All Day Strong Eye Color.


These babies are new and well known for being practical and gives vivid colors that is hard to resist as well as have very good staying power.

I'm using them during my whole trip in Japan during winter where I'm hoping they'll stay all day long since during a holiday, makeup should really last under minor time to do touch ups.

I even when to Disneyland and long haul trip to the suburb, with the kids with me, sometime it's hard to even do my lipstick. So I need products that really easy to be use yet still pays off.


Above are the shades given to me from the All Day Strong Lip Color collection, 3 out of 7 shades.


Professional make-up for beginners
Even if you apply only one time, the abundant color feeling comes close to the lip line, and the lips make-up, which is moist inside, is matte-chic.
Smooth feeling and feeling without bunch
Gently rubs on the lips without friction, relieves the pressure of the lips, wrinkles and exfoliation without losing the beautiful lips.

Rich & Easy Blending Color
It is rich in color with high pigment and easily blends with other colors by adopting easy blending system.


VOV launches All Day Strong Eye Color

Easy to use crayon type with luxurious color
All Day Strong Eye Color that lasts for hours with perfect touch with a single touch

LG Life Health Co., Ltd. (CEO: Cha Seok-yong) has released 'BoVol Day Strong Eye Color', which provides rich color and amazing color.

'All Day Strong Eye Color' launched by LG Household & Health Care's makeup brand, Bob, is a crayon type eye shadow,
The smooth texture is uniformly adhered to the eyes without irritation, so even beginners can complete the makeup easily and quickly.

All Day Strong Eye Color is available in nine colors, including glitter type 'Orange Fantasia' and shimmer type 'Brown Killer'
The sharp, clear color produces a delicate and deep eye. It also has a strong water-proof effect and excellent adhesion
It can be used neatly for a long time without cracking phenomenon.

On the other hand, All Day Strong Eye Color can be found in stores such as Bottega and cosmetics stores nationwide.


And these are their All Day Strong Eye Color, they look super pretty.

The full collection also comes in 7 shades, mine are the three that suitable for daily look as nudes for base, sparkly whites and pinks.

The colors are simple yet so beautiful.


All the details in the packaging are written in English and Korean, read along or click on the image for larger view.

The packaging between Lip Color is similar with Eye Color, don't forget to read carefully when purchasing.


And here are the Lip Color, they look so delicious. Red, orange and Pink.


It's everything I want described on their details. Matte, pigmented and very smooth. A single swipe gives abundant of colors that are covering and true.


Since it was winter and I'll be using a lot of scarf, I was thinking about products that wont stain the scarf (since most of them are whites too). Or at least, easily cleaned. Lipsticks with tons of wax usually easily sticks to anything, from hair to clothing, so I'm hoping this one doesn't.


Above is me using Silver Salt on the eyeshadow and Pingvely on my lips. They look so good together.


Both of them does have a very good staying power when not wiped off, the image below is me later on that day in the evening. Clearly I look tired but my makeup still appear fresh. The colors of the lips are still there, it fade a little but definitely still there.


Below is me on the other day using Smoke Red, and as seen, I'm using one of my favorite neck warmer in white and does it staining the clothe? A bit yes, but easily removed by dusting or using a wet wipes since the texture is matte and velvety, like pastel crayon.


I went to DisneySea that day and it's a very windy day. The hairs are flying here and there, and so far the lips stays awesome.


However, after a quick, greasy lunch break, the lipstick wears off, I guess, like any other lips product with good staying power have the exact same weakness, oils.


The mid part becomes faint and eventually need cleansing to replace with a fresh swipe.


There are times where I use them together, as gradation. Like the image below. Smoke Red in the inner side and Peach Cream at the outer side. Surprisingly, they blend so well and since they do, they can create a new and different shades when used together.


On the above image, I'm using Nude Foundation, this one can be used as the base to my other colors, Silver Salt or Diabouquet.


Last but not least, here I am using Peach Cream alone of my lips, perhaps, this is my color after all. It brings out and lit my skin.

Thank you so much VOV, these babes are definitely lovely and worth traveling with.


  1. OMG yang warna merahnya cantik bgt bikin mupeng


  2. uh, udah lama banget penasaran sama produknya VoV tp blom sempat nyobain, skrg jadi pengen eye pencilnya hahahaaa