Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What we love and NOT about them

I like the fact that I know every scoop of their ice cream are from fair trade products, they care enough for their customer so the ingredients used are a safe-to-eat and taste really good and yummy. I also like since they have so many unique flavors and name too, like Cherry Garcia, Turtle Soup and many more :)

I love how they like to treat customer with free cone day, discount, promo and contest. It's just too bad the contest sometime aren't that well organized with the local. Like when I want to redeem my rewards, the staff on the spot are clueless about the reward system from the contest and always ended up on my side are disappointment, have to wait more than 30 minutes just for the staff to check to their boss over the phone, and rejected. I hate going down to the south (the only branch we can redeemed) just to be rejected. Waste an hour of ride. I just hope next year the promoter have better coordination, even thou' I will not join anymore, enough with the bad experience.

Nevertheless I will still like consume Ben and Jerry wonderful ice cream like the New York Fudge. SO good!

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