Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The things I wanna do with my family

After a while doing all the routines daily we begin to forgot and enjoy the ride. Like nowadays when weekends are so crowded with tourist, taking a time off have become a burden and going abroad seems the choice we've took again and again. I can not believe until this day I never go on a Hippo Tour. Every time looking at those buses at Orchard area I've seen tourists with camera and usually Caucasian faces are behind it. Friends from abroad asked several times have you been there? Nope, not even once, not even think about taking one. And now I began asking myself, why not?! Does there a restricts for locals to take one? Aren't we suppose to know our local places better than those annual tourists?

So now in celebration of National Family Day for once me and my family , we want to enjoy the streets, the sights and the joy of every corner like a true tourist and really just sit back and relax on those Hippo Tours.

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