Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Rejoice Soft Perfume Shampoo

Hello lovelies,

Rejoice has just launch their new shampoo for Indonesia. Knowing and understanding how Indonesian love perfume and smelling good, Rejoice Perfume Shampoo is now here.


Th event is held in Terrace Restaurant and filled with flowers, many beautiful photo spots and French Peony is one of the highlight since it is the main scent of the shampoo.


Like a real perfume, the shampoo consist of notes:

First note: English Pear, Red Berry, Muguet.
Middle note: Peony, French Gardenia, Freesia.
Base Note: Asian Apricot, Musk, Amber.

And as seen as the image above, aside from the shampoo, there's also conditioner, using both of them will make the perfume last even longer.


For sure the event is still have surprises, like this photo box where we can go inside and took pictures with Peonies. The light, aroma and infinities of flowers are just too pretty.


Here it is, the duo that deserves all the attention during the event.


Soon after, the event started, from Rejoice representative to which I think the most interesting segment where Marie- Emilie Lascaux, a P&G Scientist take the stage. She is super pretty and even thou' she claims not too comfortable being in the spotlight, she seems to be able to share her view on the product quite well.


She share about how a perfume can make a person feels comfortable being around other people, it boost confidence too.

I personally agree with her, when I smell good, it helps me by defining myself better, hence that's why I always prefer a perfume as a gift to myself, and now, with a Rejoice Soft Perfume Shampoo, my hair can smells good all day long too no matter how busy I am during the day. That's why a good perfumed shampoo have to last throughout any lifestyle.


I've tried the shampoo, the scent is still soft and delicate, so it is not too strong but do last, hence it is still comfortable for daily use.


The scent bursting out from the minute I opened the cap, and the pink colored creamy gel lathers on the wet hair so easily. It becomes an abundant bubbles with scent that made the whole shower room smells like a luxurious perfume.

The product comes in three sizes, 170 ml, 340 ml and 600 ml for those who coouldn't get enough of the aroma.

They all come in a budget prices of Rp. 21.500, Rp. 35.500, and Rp. 59.500.

And the conditioner is sold for Rp. 21.500 for 170 ml.

Use the conditioner after shampooing on the hair part only (avoiding scalp) and enjoy a more deep and intense perfume.


During traveling, the products also available on sachets. So you can always enjoy Rejoice Soft Perfume Shampoo anywhere you like.


So, what do you think? Are you ready for a hair that infused with luxurious perfume that made Michelle Ziudith excited? Like Pamela Camargo (Communication Manager P&G Asia Pacific) said, the scent will make you falls in love.

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