Monday, April 6, 2009

Worst PMS

for me, I've had my worst PMS, and I really wished someday I can controlled and mastered the techniques to at least tame it and not cry like a hyena. Yesterday my husband refused to get me my sandals and I cried like a angry baby for 2 whole hours, leaving me with terrible headache right after it, yup, 18 hours late I got my monthly due and guess what?! I'm happy again! This mood breakdown somehow have got an antidote that help me get through it or at least help people surround me to survive this occasional mental hurricane. It's really scary (yeah, even for me the centre of the hurricane). I feel my husband was so mean to me by refusing getting me a sandal when we just 2 minutes away from home and I wanna change since my current one was to painful to walk with. And it turn out I'm the mean one and I hate when I'm wrong.

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