Monday, November 13, 2017

Rejoice Micellar Shampoo & Conditioner Fresh

Hello lovelies,

I think by this point everyone already know about that micellar water that cleans the skin, many brands has their own formula since it takes the world by storm, everyone is using it and all the brands are getting their hands on every last customer available. And now, micellar shampoo are also on the rise, woohoo!! This is definitely great news, why? Let's continue reading this post.


The keywords for micellar hair care are,
breathable scalp, smoother hair, right PH for the hair and scalp,
micellar shampoos can be used each time you shampoo. Out-of-the-shower fresh hair no longer a once-a-week option.
This micellar technology is helps to remove any gunk or product buildup that inevitably builds up on the scalp without harming your haircolor or the integrity of your hair.

Details from Redken (and many other International brands out there worldwide that has start selling micellar shampoo):

What Is Micellar Shampoo?

Micellar shampoos offer a new type of hair cleansing experience that gently washes away dirt, grit, pollution, product build-up and excess oils. Safe for color-treated hair, these mild shampoos are formulated without sulfates or silicones to give you bouncy, fresh hair without drying out your strands.

How Does Micellar Shampoo Work?

Micellar technology uses surfactants (fancy word for cleansing agents) that have both water-loving and oil-loving properties called micelles. These two parts help the molecules in your shampoo to attach to oil and dirt particles in your hair, which makes it easier to wash away. In short, the micelles are helping to get your hair as clean as possible without being too aggressive on your hair. Think of them as a magnet: they help draw out impurities like dirt, oil and environmental pollutants without being too harsh on your hair.

Amazing isn't it?! So the highlight is "magnet to impurities" just like micellar water (on cotton pad) do to your skin while cleansing.

So they strip away all those nasty ingredients that are PROVEN to be dangerous, harmful, and causing many problems to the hair and scalp. Avoid using shampoo that contain silicone as it clogged scalp, it is causing oily scalp in the short term and hair loss problem in the long run since the hair can not grow properly.


These gorgeous babies are some of the stuff hubby got for me from China, it's new there and it's from Rejoice, a brand that we know available in Indonesia but not yet producing these micellar goodness, so we'll have to wait, hopefully soon.

Since it's Rejoice, you know for sure they are very affordable, so now, no silicone shampoo has no longer become a luxury items where high end brands produce or home production, but massive. They also claim to have the right ph (acidity) for the hair, so it should be right. Like all the components we want to be right on a hair care, is there.


This is the shampoo, it's clear and greenish, it smells so freshly good and the lather is so frothy and light. A pump create a massive bubbles and enough for a long hair, so if you have shorter to medium like mine, half a pump is enough, and the clean feeling it bring is amazing. I get this refreshing ambiance almost immediately but not minty, so it's like very clean, breathable sensation that addictive. I love it, and I feel like I want to keep using it. Do you know a Herbal Essences commercial where there's a girl shampooing inside an airplane loo and she was like getting these floral phenomenal experience, I was like that, only this one is much fresher and greener.

The scent is like a fresh green floral that made me happy.

The scalp is like singing in rejoice (oh, just like the brand) and the volume on my hair is just pure love.

Whenever I do shampoo, after like a couple of hours, I like to touch my scalp, press it a bit and there's traces of oils, this one doesn't, my scalp feels clean longer and better, like until the next wash which is the next day since I love washing my hair on daily basis, it's just what I do, and now, even thou' I'm washing my hair daily (I sweat a lot every day since I do many things during the day like cleaning the house) I'm not worry anymore, this one can be use everyday and it made my scalp and hair feels great too.

Silicone made the hair sticky after a few hours and the scalp suffer, without those two nasty stuffs, my hair and scalp are in jubilation mode.


For me, the main focus is the shampoo, the conditioner is mediocre on my opinion. It helps detangling and smells as good as the shampoo, but that's it, since my hair is terribly dry, I don't have my hope up. Conditioner are NOT made for the scalp, so it is a product for the hair, it was made as it is, help smoothing and conditioned the hair, hence use it on the mid part all the way to ends, avoiding the scalp at all cost.

Those with normal hair will happily enjoy the conditioner, but for a hard core hair destruction level as mine, I need to use something heavier. So the good news is, this conditioner wont weight you down, it's as airy and lovely as the shampoo does to your hair, fresh feeling. No stickiness, no greasy, nor oily residue as well.



A must must must try products for a scalp and hair lover, help cleans without causing problems and smells so refreshingly good.

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