Monday, November 16, 2015

Cow Style Milky Body Soap

Hello lovelies,

this is Cow Style Milky Body Soap. The product comes in 4 variants, and mine is relaxing floral.


  • Membuat tubuh terasa lebih bersih,segar dan rileks dengan 4 pilihan wangi yang menyegarkan yaitu mild soap, relax floral, refresh citrus, dan happy fruity
  • Busa lembut yang melimpah menjaga kelembaban kulit sehingga senantiasa halus dan lembut
  • Mengandung tiga jenis susu yang melembabkan.
    Milk Ceramide*
    Milk Powder**
    Milk Protein***
*Sphingomyelin **Skim Milk ***Hydrolyzed Casein


I always want to try Cow Style Milky Soap since the first time I saw them on social media, they look so good. I want to try all of their variant and I guess this one would be my first. The floral scent is unlike other floral 'theme' body soap I've tried, this one is milky, sure is have that relaxing comforts that are gentle to our senses, including the foam.


There's a lot of products in the market nowadays that using 'cheap' ingredients and using faster process. These methods are sacrificing our skin, they'll take all the necessary moisture and suppleness on our skin. Causing them to feel taut, very dry and in the end irritation easily occurred.

Cow Style Milky Body Soap feels good when used by the whole family, it doesn't create a dry skin, just a clean, fragrant skin afterwards. I can use it with my hands, sponge, or clothe, pretty much just about anything and seems like everyone in the family also enjoying using the soap.


Thank you so much Cow Style for the lovely milky body soap, I would love to try more variants as the product successfully keep my skin soft and smooth (note that a body lotion afterwards is still needed for that mochi like skin).

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