Sunday, September 27, 2015

Levi's 711 Skinny Jeans

Hello everyone,

thanks to Levi's Indonesia, a company that develop brilliant jeans, I get tons of compliments on social medias, how you say?

It started around weeks ago when Levi's has just launch their new collection for women called the Lot 700. You may read my previous post HERE about the whole collection.

Long story short, I got two pairs, and after trying so many different style and colors, I chose two 711s in light blue and blue color.


I have a lot of jeans at home and I need these two since I think they are both pretty classic and the shape is just surreal. It really snug my lower parts like second skin...and made them looks better by providing enough 'firmness' and support here and there. What I meant by here and there is the area between the thighs, buttocks, legs, tummy and everywhere in between >.< like for real. Still in a comfortable way, so think of it like a corset made for the lower tummy, rear ends, and legs, and they look good as an outer wear.


711 Skinny comes in a 5/6 -7/8 ish length, and since I'm not tall aka below average, I need to fold them a bit to become as it should be, or let them be to become a full length jeans. I love them either way and even thou they come in the same series and only differ in color, or so I thought, it was not. The one in light blue fits me the most in size 28 and the blue one in size 27. According to the staff, it is due to the material, so even thou' they look similar, they are slightly different. So when you're planning to get one, do try them each of the jeans yourself accordingly.


Above is me wearing the light blue one and it is so comfortable and versatile. I can go either casual or smart casual. Wear a heels and accessories for a cocktail party.

Since it is number 28, I feel them a bit loose on the legs. unlike the one in 27 (blue one) shown on the image below, the legs are fitted well.


And they are still pretty much comfortable.

I can move around freely.


The 711 is a skinny with mid rise, so women, especially those after c-sect, can still feel the comforts. The jeans stays around the navel. And they also have a high rise type (a trend in Korea right now), goes above the navel, covering the whole behind, so you may be assured nothing will appear when you sits. Actually, all of their lot are made to fit nicely when you're walking, standing, or even sitting down.


It's a jeans that are made for style and comfort. Made you looks great and feels good too!


Thank you so much Levi's Indonesia for the innovations, people say I look slimmer, taller, prettier, and fashionable too.

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